Best Raw Honeycomb Brands That You Can Order Online

Best Raw Honeycomb Brands That You Can Order Online

Lots of people enjoy eating honeycomb and it’s becoming increasingly popular. Many people become beekeepers because they are honeycomb-enthusiasts.

Honeycomb is a natural product created by worker bees in a colony. Honeybees use beeswax, produced from glands in the worker bees’ abdominal, to create the hexagonal combs. Bees will store honey in these combs. Then the worker bees cover the honey with wax to cap and seal it for storage.

People love eating raw honeycomb because of its unique texture and health benefits. It serves as a natural cough suppressant, particularly for those who are prone to respiratory infections. Honeycomb will hold traces of pollen, royal jelly, and other natural materials that were collected or created by the worker bees. Honeycomb is a direct source of the bees’ environment so if you plan to buy any, pay attention to where the comb is sourced.  

Remember that no two packages of honeycombs will taste the same. That’s because the taste depends on the environment and which flowers the bees use to collect nectar.

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Want To Skip The Long Article?

If you’re in a rush or just don’t want to scroll through this whole article and all you want is a quick suggestion for the best raw honeycomb, then this section is for you! After assessing countless raw honeycombs and buyer reviews, we found that the 100% Pure Raw Natural Honey Comb Full of Honey by Black Bonnet Amish Farms may be the best raw honey product for you!

The honeycomb is sourced and packaged by an Amish community in Ohio. It’s raw, pure honey with a sweet and mild flavor.

If the Black Bonnet Amish Farms Honeycombs are not available, then our next best pick would be the BZ Bodies Orange Raw Honeycomb.

What To Consider When Buying Raw Honeycomb

There are many different brands out there selling honeycomb, but not all of it is raw and pure. Make sure to do your due diligence before purchasing raw honeycomb on the internet. Before purchasing just any honeycomb online, consider the following:

Is It Raw?

Look for labels that advertise 100% raw honeycomb. You want to purchase combs that are cut fresh from the beehive. Raw honey is different from processed honey because it is not pasteurized or filtered. You also want to be sure there are no added sugar, syrups, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Where Is It Sourced?

Before you purchase honeycomb, check to see where it was sourced. It’s ideal to purchase combs that are somewhat local- at least within your own country. One benefit of purchasing semi-locally is that the honeycomb will meet the health standards that your body is used to. However, it’s acceptable to purchase honeycomb from other countries as well.

Who Is Producing The Honey?

Oftentimes,  honeycomb found in major chain stores are mass-produced in large honey farms. When looking for high-quality honey products, it’s important do research on the business. It’s not uncommon for larger companies to include additives to their honey to keep up with the demand. Personally, I find that the best honey comes from small, family-owned businesses that produce honey in small batches. 

ImageBrandSource LocationPackage Size
BZ Bodies HoneycombOrange Raw Honeycombs by BZ BodiesCalifornia, USA4.5 x 4.5 Box, 1 Lb Jars of Raw Honey
100% Pure Raw Natural Honey Comb Full of Honey in Box 10-14 oz.100% Pure Raw Natural Honey Comb Full of Honey by Black Bonnet Amish FarmsOhio, USA10-14 Oz
UrbanHoneybee HoneyCombRaw Honeycomb by UrbanHoneybeeCoGeorgia, USASmall to Large Frames of Honey
JerrysCombHoneyLLCComb Dripping with Honey By Jerry's Comb Honey LLCMichigan, USA12 Oz, 16 Oz, 24 Oz
Raw Wild Flower Honeycomb By Bees Made ItBulgaria18 Oz
Best HoneycombRaw Honeycomb By Pure Southern HoneyGeorgia, USA1 to 5 Pounds
Best HoneycombNatural Cut Honeycomb By Bee Country ApiariesNew York, USA14-16 Oz, Gift Sets
Drizzle Raw Honeycomb by Drizzle HoneyCalgary, Canada200 Grams

BZ Bodies is a small, family-owned business located in the state of California. This company sells honey products from their own beehives, not outsourced from other beekeepers. The honey is unprocessed and extracted humanely from the hives. 

This company boasts about making their bees’ health and safety as their first priority. 

Their raw honeycomb are packaged in a 4.5×4.5 inch box to secure the gooey flavor. Buyers love the dark, extra-sweet flavor that comes from this business. The orange blossom flavor makes this a unique honeycomb purchase. That’s why we put this one at the top of our list!

Black Bonnet Amish Farms was started by a women in Ohio when she decided to sell her friends’ raw honey. Since her friends are Amish, she named the company after them.

The honeycombs, sold by Black Bonnet Amish Farms, are sourced by an Amish community in Ohio. The honey is hand-cut from the frame and immediately boxed. This is truly raw honey with no additional processing. It’s clover honey that is sweet and mild flavored. The honeycombs are packaged in a rectangular plastic container and are available for purchase as individual packages. The packages are sealed inside of the container to keep it fresh and to prevent leakage. Each package typically weighs 10 to 14 ounces. The combs can also come in half sizes for those who want a small sample.

UrbanHoneybeeCo is relatively new to selling honey and combs, but what they lack in experience is overshadowed by the quality of their small-batch honey products. The small company is based in the state of Georgia. This boutique business makes honey in small batches to ensure every buyer receives fresh, raw, and delicious honey. 

They offer a unique twist on honeycomb- selling it by the frame. You can purchase smaller packages as well as large frames to be beautifully displayed at events or just around the home. Buyers rave that this is the best quality of honey they’ve ever had. 

Jerry’s Comb Honey makes the list as another artisan business known for their high-quality honey. Their honey is produced in the state of Michigan. It’s the local flowering plants in Michigan that contribute to the rich aroma, mild flavor, and light color of their honey. 

Jerry’s Comb Honey is a family business that has been running for 35 years. They produce honey in small batches to ensure the quality and freshness is passed on to their customers.

This brand offers honeycomb in a jar filled with raw honey. The honey comes in various sizes ranging from 12 oz up to 24 oz.

Bees Made It is a store that sells honey products sourced from Raya Bee Farm. This family-owned farm has two Apiaries located in a small village called Kosharevo in Bulgaria. They manage over 120 hives.

This small beekeeping farm produces small batches of honey products with focus on their freshness and high quality. The business emphasizes the importance of caring for honeybees and their significant role in our ecosystem. 

Bees Made It has been shipping honey products internationally since 2009. Their bees are not fed any sugars or syrups so the honeycomb that is sold is truly raw. Besides raw honey, Bees Made It also sells other products such as beeswax candles, lip balms, and pollen.  

Pure Southern Honey is based out of the state of Georgia and prides itself for delivering gourmet honeycomb. The honey offers a unique, sweet flavor derived from flowers native to Georgia including Gallberry, Tupelo, Blackgum, and Palmetto.  

Pure Southern Honey sources all of their honey from their own beehives, all 30,000 of them! This ensures the honey you purchase has a consistent flavor from one location. This company also supports the honeybee population. In fact, 5% of their sales are used to preserve and create pesticide-free sanctuaries so honey bees can flourish. That’s the kind of company we love to support!

Their raw honey can be purchased in jars sold by the pound. 

Bee Country Apiaries is a small, family-owned beekeeping farm located in Darien, New York. 

Their raw honeycomb have the distinct flavor from the local flowers in New York. The company prides themselves in selling raw, un-filtered honey that can be shipped all around the world.

The individual packages hold about 12 to 14 oz of honeycomb. Buyers love the distinct flavor of these honey products. Along with honeycomb, Bee Country Apiaries also sells creamed honey and large jars of pure, raw honey. 

Drizzle started in 2014 by an urban agriculture researcher who also led a sustainable rooftop beekeeping project. This company sells raw, unfiltered honey produced by various local beekeepers who needed a platform to sell their products. What started as an urban beekeeping hobby grew into a large network for beekeepers to provide raw honey products to buyers all over the world. 

Today, Drizzle offers various honey products and each purchase supports small beekeeping businesses. Each honeycomb package is about 200 grams. 

Drizzle also offers unique honey blends such as: Tumeric Raw Gold Honey, Cacao Luxe Honey, and Ginger Shine Honey. These products are definitely worth checking out!