Equipment Buying Guide

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Honest Beekeeper Equipment Buying Guide

See our top recommendations on the best equipment and supplies to efficiently care for hive, maximize honey harvesting, and positively impact your local honeybee population.

10 Best Beekeeping Suits

Bee stings are inevitable when working with bees. Protect yourself during hive inspections with one of the Best Beekeeping Suits.

10 Best Beehive for Beginners

Purchasing a beehive is the most important decision a beekeeper will make. Choose the best home for your honeybees with one of the Best Beehives for Beginners.

Best Beekeeping Suits For Children

When children want to assist you in the hive, make sure they are safe. Protect your tiny beekeeper with one of the Best Beekeeping Suits For Children.

Best Beekeeping Gloves

Reaching into a hive can be a daunting task for new beekeepers. Protect your hands with one of the Best Beekeeping Gloves

12 Best Bee Smokers

Tame bees before you interact with a hive. Protect yourself from bee stings by using one of the Best Bee Smokers.

10 Best Honey Extractors

When it’s time to fill your first jar of honey, you will need an extractor to get the job done. Protect the wax combs and carefully remove honey with one of the Best Honey Extractors.

8 Best Honey Refractometers

Before you extract honey from your hive, you have to be sure it’s ready. Find out the sugar content of your honey with one of the Best Honey Refractometers.

Best Pollen Substitute

When pollen is low, your bees will need your help. Feed your honeybees the proper nutrition with one of the Best Pollen Substitute.  

Best Raw Honeycomb

When you want honey before it’s harvesting season, there are many options to choose from. Choose the right honeycomb from our list of the Best Raw Honeycomb

Best Manuka Honey

Manuka honey offers so many health benefits that it’s popularity is growing every year. Choose the right Manuka honey from our list of the Best Manuka Honey.